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Tips on searching The Token Store...

All tokens listed in this store have GOOD CLOSE UP PICTURES so you can see exactly what you are buying. Just click the "Learn More" button on any item to examine these pictures and review any Additional Information available.

1.  Tokens are listed by category at the left on the Home Page. Just click the categories that interest you.

Categories with a large number of tokens in them have subcategories that you will have an opportunity to click on after you select a main category. 

2.  The Home Page opens with the 12 most recent additions to the store.

If you want to review all tokens in order of their addition to the store click on the box at the lower right on the sites Home Page ....just below the 12 listed tokens ....entitled "VIEW COMPLETE LIST". All the thousands of tokens on the site will be presented in order from the most recent addition back to the very first token added that is still available for sale. Just keep clicking on the "Next" bar at the base of every page or the desired page number.

3.  Effective searching...

General searching: if you enter Miles City Montana, you will bring up every token listing with the word Miles, every token listing with the word City and every token listing with the word Montana....too many to count.

Specific searching: To specify just Miles City Montana, use quotation marks around your search words, for example: "Miles City, Montana"

Another good way to search the site is to avoid common words and put the least common word into the search box. Use just one word.

In the above case just put in Miles and all Miles City tokens will come up.

If you want Virginia City, Montana tokens...just put in Virginia. If you use the word City, you will get all tokens with the word city on them.

If you want Kellogg, Idaho...put in just Kellogg with no Idaho.

If you use a state name, you will get all the tokens from that state.

Searches should contain at least three letters. Two letter searches do not work well. If you are looking for Lo Lo, Montana tokens not use just Lo. If you have an idea...put in at least the first 3 letters.

4.  If you want to see all of the best quality tokens on the site...put in the word "rare"

5.  There are thousands of tokens on this site and I have at least another 30,000 (I am still counting) more to put on.

6.  We will arrange a payment schedule on any item...just ask.

7.  If I place a token in my shopping cart, will that prevent anyone else from buying it? No. The first person who goes through checkout and commits to a purchase will buy the token.

8.  If you know of any way that we can improve our site or service or have any comments, just let us know at

We do aim to please.
Have fun.


Susan Rouleau and Amy Rouleau-Munson

The Token Store
The Token Store
P. O. Box 50
Piedmont, SD 57769-0050


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